5 Reasons Why Your Twist Ending Doesn’t Work

How do you perfect the art of writing a mind-blowing twist ending for your screenplay? In movies, the ending is everything. You can have compelling opening hooks at the beginning of your cinematic tale. You can throw in a plot twist here and there in the second act. But if you don’t leave the script reader or audience satisfied, shocked, or thrilled at the end, the whole experience is a disappointment. After certain movies, we often hear people say, “The movie was great, but the ending kind of sucked.” Or worse yet, “That ending came out of nowhere.” The lasting impression can make or break the read for the script reader or the cinematic experience for the audience. And if you’re writing that coveted twist ending that people crave, you have to master how to deliver on that revelation properly. Here are five reasons why your twist ending may not have worked in your latest draft. Read More

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