Harness Natural Light: Become a More Versatile Photographer

Take amazing photos no matter where you are or what you’re shooting — it all starts with an understanding of light. Hi, I’m professional photographer David H. Wells. Join me in my online Craftsy class, Dramatic Light From Day to Night, and learn how to turn the light that’s available into all the light you need for impressive photographs.

During class, you’ll learn to spot the best light in your setting and adjust your approach for the time of day. I’ll teach you how to control shadows, creating impactful photos through composition. You’ll also see which exposure is best for your light and how to make the most of light that’s less than perfect. Plus, I’ll share helpful flash and post–production techniques, so you can compensate when nature just won’t cooperate.

To begin, I’ll explain how to evaluate light quality, so you know the unique opportunities and challenges different seasons and times of day present for your photography.

Want to shoot at the perfect time, every time? With my “Wells Points” method you’ll have a trustworthy approach on hand for terrific timing in all your photos. I’ll guide you through the steps and simple math, before I show you how you can use the light you have to create dramatic contrast and striking silhouettes.

For photos with vivid visual interest, playing with shadows can lead to great results. Follow along as you find out how to capture very different photographs by placing yourself in different spots. You’ll then discover the importance of experimentation — it can lead to some of your best photos ever!

When we move on, we’ll focus on the key tone for setting your exposure: the all–important middle gray. I’ll explain the difference between color and tone, so you can differentiate the two with ease. Plus, you’ll get pointers for calibrating your camera, so that perfect shot will be closer than ever.

Next, we’ll talk about light that’s less than ideal. I’ll offer solutions for lots of situations, so you can make the most of any setting you’re in. You’ll learn to use contrast to create drama in flat light, and I’ll guide you through using a tripod to gain the advantage in a difficult setting.

What about when natural light just isn’t going to cut it? Then it’s time to put your flash to use! I’ll share detailed graphics that will show you the best way to use it both indoors and out.

For our final lesson, we’ll focus on post–production steps for photos that don’t turn out quite right on camera. Join Dramatic Light From Day to Night, and you’ll see how to refine your photos in Adobe Lightroom as I demonstrate on my own work.

I’ve built a career as a publication photographer and video–maker, but I’m no stranger to teaching. I’ve taught at Syracuse University, the Rochester Institute of Technology, the Maine Workshops and the Santa Fe Workshops, to name a few. I was also featured in Photo District News as a “Best Workshop Instructor.”

In my photography, I specialize in photo–essays for publication and exhibition, using light and shadow to create dramatic visual narratives. Funding for these photo–essays comes from organizations like Nikon/NPPA, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the MacArthur Foundation. I’ve also shot some on assignment, working for publications like Life, National Geographic and New York Times Magazine, amongst others.

I’m excited to teach this Craftsy class and bring you a unique way to improve your photography.

Turn any light into the right light for dramatic photos, no matter when or where.

David H. Wells | Craftsy Instructor

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