Take Two: Proper Screenplay Format 101

Whomever declared not to judge a book by its cover clearly wasn’t a screenwriter. The Hollywood script reader passes more judgment than Judge Judy. In a split second, your hard work could be flung in the corner waste can.

Before your screenplay will ever be in a director’s hands, it needs to get past that script reader. When a script looks professional, the reader has confidence you’re not a newbie screenwriter and keeps turning the page. Poor formatting distracts the reader and immediately takes them out of your story. Trust me when I tell you that the script reader holds the keys to the Hollywood gates.

First, the reader checks the page length. With the benchmark of one page being one minute of screen time, your feature shouldn’t exceed 110 to 120 pages. Anything over that gets an immediate red mark. And if the first few pages are sloppy, down to the bottom of the slush pile it goes … or right into the trash. Read More

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