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SSW Magazine is our online magazine focused on news and events going on in the literary/artistic community. The long title is Scribblers, Screamers and other Wordslingers or SSW for short. The magazine is by, for and about those who write, speak and visually communicate through artistic means by use of any medium, be it books, songs, poetry, photography, film and more. It provides information to the community about upcoming events, new artist, product reviews and other valuable information about the literary and artist communities. SSW’s wants to connect new and established authors and artist with others in the community to promote, sell and/or exchange products, services, ideas and information.

How to contact us:

Email: upstartwriter@gmail.com
Phone: 614-687-0722

If you would like to contribute pertinent content or upcoming events to SSW please forward your information to the email address above. For events please send a camera-ready flyer advertising your event at least seven (7) days prior to the event date. SSW reserves the right to not post or support any content or events that it feels are not in keeping with our mission or run contrary to our professional standards.


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The Place For All Sorts Of Creative Expression


The Place For All Sorts Of Creative Expression


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Scribblers, Screamers, and other Wordslingers

The Place For All Sorts Of Creative Expression